Diploma in Christian Youth Work

Edinburgh Theological Seminary is committed to training men and women for ministry and mission. Many churches are reaching young people for the Gospel and many Christians are already involved in youthwork (Sunday school, youth clubs, summer camps). This interactive course is designed for those who are already involved in youth work or who plan to be.

Students can complete much of the course online. All lectures can be accessed and downloaded and assessments are also submitted and assessed online. Interaction with the course organiser takes place online and through a combination of face to face appointments or discussions using Skype or Facetime.


Course Aims

The Diploma in Christian Youthwork Course will equip youthworkers to:

  • Model Jesus Christ in their behavior, character and words
  • Embody, articulate and defend a Christian worldview
  • Serve young people with care, kindness and integrity
  • Safeguard and protect young people
  • Share the gospel with boldness, clarity and sensitivity
  • Disciple young Christians to grow in their faith


Course Components

  1. Understanding God
  2. Understanding Yourself
  3. Understanding the Young
  4. Understanding the Goals
  5. Understanding the Methods
  6. Understanding the Resources

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Course Delivery

Lectures: Nick Mackison delivers 16 lectures (30 minutes each) that form the theological backbone to the course. Students watch the videos to engage with their content.

Placements: Students complete a youthwork placement arranged by the Course Organiser and supervised by a local leader.

Workshops: If practicable, workshops can be organised to share good practice and to learn from practitioners. Topics may include: Communication skills, Evangelism and discipleship, Use of technology and social media and Child Protection.

One-to-ones: Students engage directly with the course organizer. One-to-ones can take place online, face to face, or through Skype or Facetime. Students can ask questions and explore issues more fully.


Course Duration

This course is taken at a pace which suits each student. Ordinarily the course is completed within twelve months, but it may be extended with the approval of the course organiser.


Course Assessment 

Assessments are creative, reflective and practical. Students develop their ability to:

  • Think biblically and apply biblical truth personally
  • Research a topic using written and online material
  • Understand issues related to Christian youthwork
  • Organise their thoughts and structure an argument clearly and cogently
  • Hone their writing skills and practice their communication skills
  • Connect God’s timeless truth with contemporary culture
  • Grow in the knowledge, skills and character necessary to serve young people well

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Course Award

On successful completion of the course, all students are awarded the Diploma in Christian Youthwork at the ETS Annual Awards Ceremony in May. Students who receive a Distinction on at least half of their assessments will receive a Diploma in Christian Youthwork with Distinction. Students are encouraged to receive their diploma in person.


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.


Distance Learning

The Theology and Biblical Studies components of this course can be done by Distance Learning.  The student may join in online with other students who are doing the Access to Theology course.

See Distance Learning FAQ for more information on Distance Learning at ETS.


Diploma in Christian Youthwork Application Form

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Diploma in Christian Youthwork Fees

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Further Enquiries:

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Why do the Diplioma in Christian Youthwork at ETS?

Susan Maclean, Christian Youth Work, Wester Ross, Scotland

Susan Maclean, Christian Youth Work, Wester Ross, Scotland

"Whether you are a seasoned Christian Youth worker or just starting out, this course is suitable for all. By looking at understanding God, understanding ourselves and understanding the youth that we work with, this course challenges us to think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. Combining this with consideration to methods and resources, completing this course leaves you excited and ready to face the world of Christian Youth work."