Certificate in Independent Church Ministry

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Edinburgh Theological Seminary is also pleased to offer - through partnership with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) - a Certificate in Independent Church Ministry.  This module is offered in alternate years.  It will be next offered in 2019-2020.



AndyHunterCheck out this video, where FIEC Scotland Director and ETS student Chris Ranson explain to prospective students what the Independent Church Ministry course involves.






On Tuesday afternoons from 2 – 4pm, students who take this elective will be introduced to the nature and dynamics of Christian ministry in Independent churches, and equip them with enhanced skills and understanding for this work.


Distance Learning

This is also now available for those who wish to join the class by distance learning for some or all of the time.

See Distance Learning FAQ for more information on Distance Learning at ETS.


Module Outline

Andy HunterTeaching will focus on the following specific areas -

  • Introduction to the theological and ecclesiological rationale for Independent forms of church order, governance, and sacramental practice
  • Exploration of the historical background to the Independent Church tradition as it is today, including key developments and individuals, and assessment of its future trajectory in the UK
  • Introduction to contemporary approaches to Church leadership and issues in Pastoral Care in Independent Churches
  • Examination of missiological challenges in Britain for Independent Churches, and current and potential responses


Learning Strategy

The learning strategy will include lectures, discussion groups, class debates and case studies.



The lectures will be delivered with the help of the following:

Paul Rees
Ian Shaw
David Childs
Stephen McQuoid
Trevor Archer
John Stevens
Stephen McQuoid
Adam Broughton
Andy Paterson
Richard Underwood
Andy Hunter


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this programme.


Certificate in Independent Church Ministry Application Form

The relevant Application Form is found here.


Certificate in Independent Church Ministry Fees

For course fees see here.


Further Enquiries:

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