Time Out

Refreshment for Mission

We offer a personalised course of study to supplement your theological training or the opportunity to get away for a while and do some serious thinking and research.

Jesus asked the disciples to “Come aside and rest for a while!” This would allow them to digest some of the most wonderful teaching so that it would become part of the way they think. Then, they would be better prepared to serve others in the gospel. In the 21st century, we still need to take time out to get our teaching geared up to the right level. ETS can help with this through our personalised courses of study. We call these Individual Study Programmes and are selected to suit your own requirements.

ETS also makes provision in the Centre for Mission for those who want an opportunity to take time out to think through an issue in which they might have an interest for personal or pastoral reasons. These Sabbatical Studies, as we call them, are an excellent opportunity to bring clarity with the help and guidance of ETS staff.

Sabbatical Study
Take time to explore a topic of interest

Individual Study Programme
Tailored study to suit your needs.


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