Time Out | Individual Study Programme

This course is a superb opportunity to tailor a personalised course of study to meet your needs. Students can take modules from any of the six departments at the Seminary – Old and New Testament, Systematic Theology, Church History, Apologetics, Practical Theology and Missions.

This approach to learning can be an enormous help to missionaries who are already on the field and need refreshment, encouragement, or the theological training which they were not able to get before they began to serve.

The Individual Study Programme can range in length from one semester to two years. In keeping with the flexible nature of the Individual Study Programme, courses or modules can be taken at one of two levels:

Gain Degree Credits

If you have the necessary qualifications and wish to gain academic credits please apply for the Individual Study Programme (With Assessment and Credits)


If you do not require academic credits and you simply wish to audit your choice of modules or courses, please apply for the Individual Study Programme (Auditing Only).

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