Setting Out: Short Courses in Mission

This set of courses aims to provide supplementary training for those who have completed their theological education (as well as others).  These courses do not normally form part of the degree programmes which are the foundation for Christian ministry and mission in theological colleges. ETS offers these courses, however, as ‘mission’ preparation courses which are delivered over a short 1-3 day period at various points in the year in seminar/conference style.  Choose from below the courses that best suit your own sense of calling and mission and register for a place on the course.

Bible and Mission

This course will introduce participants to understand how we should read the Bible so that we can see its full importance for mission.

Spiritual Conflict

This course will help participants reflect carefully on the place of spiritual realities in culture, Christian experience, and mission.

Motivating Mission

This course is intended for Christian leaders who wish to see Christians motivated to support and engage in mission.

Church Revitalisation

In this course, we will look at the symptoms of an unhealthy church and at biblical strategies for bringing life into a decaying situation. 

Engaging with Religions

Followers of the world’s religions now live in all parts of the world.  This course explores how Christians might engage with them biblically.

Mission in the Modern World

This course is intended to introduce participants to some key aspects of the history of mission in the modern period.

Cross-cultural Communication

In this course, we will think about what ‘culture’ is, and how important it is not to be misunderstood in communicating across cultures.


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