Setting Out

Preparing for Mission

Setting out in missionary service at home or abroad can be a thrilling prospect – and a daunting one. We aim to ensure that support and preparation will be given to new missionaries by those who have travelled on the mission road before them, and by the churches that send them out in God’s name.

For those who are undertaking, or have completed, their theological education – and any others who are passionate for mission – we offer specific preparation for mission work in the modern world, supported by the contemporary church: World Mission Days at Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Mentoring – both one-to-one mentoring and one-to-a-group.

Where possible, we wish to work with other mission agencies and Generation (the Mission Board of the Free Church of Scotland).

World Mission Lectures at ETS

Four days are set aside each year to provide an opportunity to hear God’s word, explore missionary challenges, and spend time together in prayer for mission as a seminary.

Mentoring: One-to-One and One-to-a-Group

We intend that new relationships will be formed that will allow those who have experience to provide help and advice to those who will serve in similar fields to their own. 

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