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Setting out in missionary service at home or abroad can be a thrilling prospect, and a daunting one. Our Short Mission Courses and One-to-One mentoring offer a valuable opportunity to learn from others who have travelled on the mission road before you.

Having spent several years in theological education, you might think that nothing further is needed than to set off, equipped as one will ever be, learning from our mistakes as we go on. While that may be necessary for some pioneers, ETS can offer an alternative model through the Centre for Mission. The model is biblical: Timothy was young, and had much to learn; Paul was near the end of his ministry, and ready to share. In other words, we learn from those who have served before.

For those who are undertaking, or have completed, their theological education – and any others who are interested to serve – we offer two things. The first is Short Mission Courses in specific areas of mission delivered by those who have experience in these specific mission fields. Building on that, we can also facilitate ongoing, One-to-One, or One-to-a Group Mentoring. For example, this might be monthly sessions on urban or rural Church Planting and Church Revitalisation, Jewish Evangelism or serving among students – all led by those are experienced in a similar area of mission.

Setting Out: Short Courses in Mission

Here, we provide short courses in mission preparation.  These may cover 1-3 days where you can gain a sense of the wider picture of mission – past, present and future.

Setting Out: One-to-one Mentoring

We seek to establish Paul-Timothy connections, setting up a mentoring relationship that will give you a more sure footing for your area of mission service at the outset.


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