Rural Church Revitalisation - Mentoring

This mentoring course is intended to help mission candidates who expect to serve the Lord in rural church revitalisation gain invaluable input from those who have already served in rural church revitalisation.  

See the FAQs below to find out more.

Mentoring will be delivered by those who are already involved in such ministries, and who are happy to share from their experience.

This will involve some one-to-one sessions, either in person or using online technologies.

More than likely, especially if you wish to be mentored using online video-conferencing technologies.  This is very easy to set up.

That all depends on what your mentor thinks will be helpful for you to read.  However, it is unlikely to be extensive.

Not at all.  While it may help to give some ideas to those who are already serving in this area, this mentoring is primarily designed to prepare candidates for new opportunities in this field of gospel mission.

No.  This mentoring is open to ‘mission’ candidates from all denominations who want to think these issues through on a biblical basis.


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