Serving Together

Mission in the Local Church

The Centre for Mission can provide training for local church roles such as Elders, Deacons, Youth Workers and Sunday School Teachers.

Serving Together

The local church is at the centre of God’s will for sharing the gospel, caring for our community, and strengthening our fellow-believers. This means that there is no Christian with nothing to do.

Some will be elders, deacons; others – men and women – will work among the young or the old, or look after buildings and money; they will encourage others to use their skills and gifts in the most creative ways to support the gospel work in the local area and beyond.

The great thing is that some of these ministries are God’s way of encouraging others to be active in the Lord’s work so that every single local Christian is prized and useful. This is one of the foundational views that lies at the heart of the ETS Centre for Mission.

Training Opportunities

If you are involved in any of the ministries below, the Centre for Mission would be delighted to offer you some relevant training that will prepare for a life-time of Christian service in the local church and beyond.

Some training will be organised in collaboration with Generation, the Mission Board of the Free Church of Scotland.