Serving as Youth Workers

A faithful youth worker is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes, we just ask people to do youth work until they are mature enough to do some ‘real’ Christian service. However, the best youth workers are those that have been doing it long enough to have learned from their mistakes. They stick at this great work because they really feel that they have been called to work among among people by God himself.

But what is it that makes someone a good youth worker?

Do they need to be Christians, mature Christians?

Do they need to be young to serve among the young?

What goals does a good youth worker have?

These are the sorts of questions that come up when one thinks of the influence of a good Christian youth worker.  

This course is designed to help present and potential Youth Workers to learn from those who have a passion for this great ministry.

See the FAQs to find out more.

You don’t have to move.  You can do the course from where you live.

Yes, but you do not have to be an expert.  You will be asked to sign up on a specific website to access course materials.  The website is called Mission Moodle.

There is some reading to do at your own pace.  It is not designed to be very high powered, and you will easily understand the material.

There are six parts to the course:

  • Knowing God – Some talks for you to listen to or watch that explains God and his purposes.
  • Knowing Yourself – This explores the qualities and character of a Christian Youth Worker.
  • Knowing your Flock – This section explains the need of the congregation for Christian Youth Workers like yourself.
  • Knowing the Goals – This focuses on the priority areas to focus on as a Christian Youth Worker
  • Knowing the Methods – This is the ‘how to’ part of the course – showing you how to do the work of a Christian Youth Worker.
  • Knowing the Resources – This last part provides you with a list of materials that will be helpful for you in your work as a Christian Youth Worker.

No.  There will be local workshops with others who are also taking the course.  These will be led by those who are already Christian Youth Workers so that you can learn from their experience.

Yes.  However, they are not high powered assignments which only academics could do.  Rather, they are all relevant and practical to the work that you will do.

No. Some people who are already Youth Workers will do it. However, it is also open to others who have been asked to consider doing this important work by the leadership of their church.

No. This course is open to all denominations who want to ensure that their Youth Workers are models of good practice and shaped by God’s word.