Serving as Youth Workers

A faithful youth worker is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes, we just ask people to do youth work until they are mature enough to do some ‘real’ Christian service. However, the best youth workers are those that have been doing it long enough to have learned from their mistakes. They stick at this great work because they really feel that they have been called to work among among people by God himself.

  • But what is it that makes someone a good youth worker?
  • Do they need to be Christians, mature Christians?
  • Do they need to be young to serve among the young?
  • What goals does a good youth worker have?

These are the sorts of questions that come up when one thinks of the influence of a good Christian youth worker. 

Training Opportunity

Diploma in Christian Youth Work at ETS

Edinburgh Theological Seminary is committed to training men and women for ministry and mission. Many churches are reaching young people for the Gospel and many Christians are already involved in youthwork (Sunday school, youth clubs, summer camps). This excellent interactive online course is designed for those who are already involved in youth work or who plan to be.

The Diploma in Christian Youthwork at Edinburgh Theological Seminary will equip youth workers to:

  • Model Jesus Christ in their behaviour, character and words
  • Embody, articulate and defend a Christian worldview
  • Serve young people with care, kindness and integrity
  • Safeguard and protect young people
  • Share the gospel with boldness, clarity and sensitivity
  • Disciple young Christians to grow in their faith