Serving as Treasurers

The world has become a very complicated place, and so has the church. We have to be careful in our use of all the gifts received in our congregations. A good Deacons’ Court will always have a good treasurer. Such a person does a hugely valuable work. He or she is willing to take the time that is necessary to ensure that all the financial gifts that are received and distributed are done so in a way that is consistent with local needs, denominational policies and government regulations.

This work is not easy.

  • What is the best recommended practice?
  • What should I know about OSCR?
  • How do I best encourage giving?
  • What should I report on to the Deacons’ Court as often as it meets?
  • Should I keep records forever?
  • What if my church employs someone?
  • How should I deal with the expenses of local workers, including the minister?

It is to help Treasurers get answers to these sorts of questions that this course is offered to those who are Treasurers or who are asked to consider this work within their congregation.

See the FAQs to find out more.

You don’t have to move.  You can do the course from where you live for the most part.

Yes, and we assume that you use your computer to fulfil your role as treasurer. You will also be asked to sign up on a special website for teaching these courses. The website is called Mission Moodle.

There is some reading to do at your own pace. It is designed to be relevant to your task and it will help you to fulfil your role as treasurer.

There are several parts to the course:

This is TBC

No.  There will be local workshops with others who are also taking the course.  These will be led by those who are already involved in church finance so that you can learn from their experience.

Not really.  However, there are questions that you are to reflect on at each stage in the course.

More than likely you will already be committed to doing the work of treasurer.  However, it is possible that you wish to see what is required by this role before you take it on.

No.  This course is open to all denominations who want to ensure that their treasurers know how to operate in terms of current legislation and within a biblical framework.