Serving as Sunday School Teachers

This course is still in development.

Most of us will have had experience of Sunday School teachers during our formative years.  While there may have been some who did not really rise to the task, there were others who were unforgettable.  We remember them, not only because of the things they taught us; we remember the way they related to us.  They were ‘good’, ‘kind’, ‘loving’ and ‘caring’.  Outside of our parents, they – above many others – left their mark on our lives.

But what was it that made that person such a good Sunday School teacher? Was it the sweets that they brought to the class? Did they allow us to ask questions that no one else would permit? In their teaching, was it memorable because it was well structured? Or was it that they used good illustrations? Was it their godliness? Or a combination of all of these?

These are the sorts of questions that come up when one thinks of the influence of a good Sunday School Teacher.  This course is designed to help Sunday School Teachers to learn from those who have a passion for this great ministry.

See the FAQs to find out more.

You don’t have to move.  You can do the course from where you live.

Yes, but you do not have to be an expert.  You will be asked to sign up on a specific website to access course materials.  The website is called Mission Moodle.

There is some reading to do at your own pace. It is not designed to be very high powered, and you will easily understand the material.

There are six parts to the course:

  • Knowing God – Some talks for you to listen to or watch that explains God and his purposes.
  • Knowing Yourself – This explores the qualities and character of a Sunday School Teacher.
  • Knowing your Flock – This section explains the need of the congregation for Sunday School Teachers like yourself.
  • Knowing the Goals – The main goals are looked at.
  • Knowing the Methods – This is the ‘how to’ part of the course – showing you how to do the work of a Sunday School Teacher.
  • Knowing the Resources – This last part provides you with a list of materials that will be helpful for you in your important work.

No.  There will be local workshops with others who are also taking the course.  These will be led by those who are already in this ministry so that you can learn from their experience.

Not really.  However, there are questions that you are to reflect on at each stage in the course.

Not really.  However, there are questions that you are to reflect on at each stage in the course.

No.  This course is open to all denominations who want to ensure that their Sunday School Teachers are models of good practice and shaped by God’s word.