Digging Deep

Research for Mission

Would you like to engage in top level research that will enable you to think through a missiological issue, or a set of issues, in depth?  Or perhaps, you feel that the Lord is preparing you to engage in theological education with a focus on theology and mission? At ETS, we offer two postgraduate programmes for you.

This new Masters programme is delivered by means of prescribed courses involving either one year of full-time study or two years part-time study.  This will enable you to focus in on several areas that suit your interests.

  • Bible, Theology and Mission
  • History and Mission
  • Current Issues in Mission
  • Mission into the Twenty-first Century 

This is a research-based Masters degree involving either one year of full-time (on-campus) study or two years part-time (off-campus) study.  The research may cover any of the following areas:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Pastoral Studies
  • Missiological Studies  

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