Master of Theology
by Research

The MTh provides an opportunity to engage in research for ministers, pastors, elders, and committed believers who belong not only to the Presbyterian tradition, but to the wider Christian church. It is designed to enable such students to specialise in an area of systematic theology, biblical studies, church history or practical theology.

This programme is validated by the University of Glasgow.

This is a research-based degree involving either one year of full-time (on-campus) study or two years’ part-time (off-campus) study. The research may cover biblical studies, theological studies, historical studies, pastoral studies and missiological studies.

Edinburgh was at the forefront in stimulating the evangelical missionary movement of the 19th and 20th centuries that carried the Good News ‘from the West to the rest.’ As the mission movement in the 21st century increasingly moves in the reverse direction, the ETS post-graduate programme offers to prepare missionaries to Europe to make disciples in a post-Christian milieu. 

Moreover, nations beyond Europe are aware of the need for their brightest pastors to become teachers in theological education which can influence the future of their national churches. 

This degree will be of particular benefit to those who will become teachers in theological education, aiming to shape the theology of their own churches.

The main supervisor for each candidate will be a member of Edinburgh Theological Seminary teaching staff. There will be a second supervisor appointed by the University of Glasgow.

Candidates will be required to submit a 40,000-word thesis. They will normally be required to undergo an oral examination based on their research. In addition, full-time candidates will be expected to attend the programme of Postgraduate Seminars arranged by the Seminary. Part-time candidates will be expected to attend those seminars relevant to the subject of their own research.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants for admission would normally be expected to hold a good honours degree in History or Theology/Divinity of a recognised university or college/seminary, or the Bachelor of Theology degree of Edinburgh Theological Seminary at distinction or merit level.

In exceptional circumstances, applicants without this qualification might be admitted subject to having an alternative qualification, at an approved level of achievement, appropriate to their proposed field of study, and subject to any conditions laid down by the Seminary Senate with the agreement of the Higher Degrees Committee of the University of Glasgow.

Language Requirements

For those who do not have English as their first language, the minimum requirement in the various English examinations are as follows: IELTS 6.5.

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