Bachelor of Theology with Distance Learning

Is it possible to do the B.Th with distance learning? Yes. However, there are several points to bear in mind:
  • All distance learning students are normally expected to be present orally and visually during each lecture hour.
  • Each semester, all UK based distance learning students are expected to attend at least four study days at ETS.
  • All distance learning students are expected to attend examinations at ETS where at all possible.
  • The B.Th with Distance Learning option is available to a limited number per academic session.


Is it more beneficial to do the B.Th by personal attendance? Yes, and for the following reasons:
  • Due to the huge benefits gained from collegiate study where students talk together, eat together, worship together, learn together, we recommend that where at all possible, and in order to enhance the learning experience as a preparation for Christian service, the B.Th should be completed in person at ETS.
  • During collegiate study in person, friendships are forged which last a lifetime, enriching future ministries and careers.
  • While access to library resources can be arranged, it is undoubtedly the case that personal presence at ETS enriches the research experience.


In what situation might it be preferable to do the B.Th programme by distance learning?
  • Part-time Study. The B.Th may be completed part-time over six years. This normally means being present in ETS for two days of the week, either Tuesday-Wednesday or Thursday- Friday. While a number of students are able to do this because they live near at hand, it is somewhat harder for those students who are engaged in part-time study at a distance. For such part-time students who are some distance away, the B.Th with distance learning is one option to consider.
  • Financial Constraints. Students who are unable to move to the Central Belt for family or financial reasons may find the B.Th with distance learning a help.
  • Illness or Disability. In the event of personal or family illness, or prolonged disability, distance learning option opens the door to theological education which might otherwise remain shut.


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