Seminary Mission

From our vantage point, high above Princes Street in Edinburgh, we look out on a city that is now one of the foremost intellectual, cultural and financial centres of the world.

We look out with admiration, but also with realism and concern.  The city, like every city in the world, represents a world which has gone wrong.  Serious human problems abound: crime, corruption, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty and social exclusion are symptoms of a confused humanity which has lost its way.  Our mission is to provide the training and theological education by which men and women can bring the historic gospel of Jesus Christ to Scotland, the UK and the wider world.

Our aims:

  • To provide effective theological education and vocational training to students for ministry, missionary work and evangelism in the Free Church and other Churches
  • To promote rigorous and reverent Christian scholarship, matching the academic standards of the ancient Scottish universities
  • To provide training to suitably qualified non vocational students, particularly to members of the Christian laity and to men and women aspiring to be teachers in Religious Education
  • To provide part-time learning opportunities for lay-preachers, elders and others interested in theology and Biblical studies
  • To share our Scottish theological heritage with students from overseas and to gain enrichment by their insights
  • To organise and provide inservice training for ministers and other Christian professionals
  • To provide research facilities, particularly in the area of Scottish Theology and Presbyterian Studies