Seminary Library

library-resize1As well as providing comfortable computing facilities linked to the high-powered academic network through the University of Edinburgh, and a growing collection of electronic resources, the Seminary has a comprehensive Library, particularly strong in Reformed and Puritan literature, but also well stocked with representative modern works from various theological traditions.

Among the various special features are the Free Church Heritage Collection (in the Chalmers Hall), an extensive Pamphlet Collection (mainly Victorian), an impressive collection of Gaelic publications and the antiquarian volumes kept in the Senate Room (mainly early editions of Scottish and English Puritans, but also including a substantial number of Latin publications from the 17th century theologians who laid the foundations of Reformed Dogmatics.

Books directly relevant to the various courses are easily accessible in the Class Libraries and are reserved for the exclusive use of students, and adequate study space is available to students within the College premises.

Moreover, in terms of the Churches (Scotland) Act (1905) students of Edinburgh Theological Seminary (formerly Free Church College) also have statutory access to the New College Library of the University of Edinburgh (as have all Free Church of Scotland ministers and professors).