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Edinburgh Theological Seminary Graduations 2018

Tuesday 26 June 2018 was a special day for Edinburgh Theological Seminary as its students graduated from the University of Glasgow with the Bachelor of Theology degree and Master of Theology.  

Huge congratulations to all 17 of our students who received their degrees from the University of Glasgow. Twelve were awarded Bachelor of Theology degrees and five were awarded Master of Theology degrees.

Present to receive Bachelor of Theology: Stephen Allison, Jonathan Baxter, Paul Cary, Sean Clokey, Iain MacRitchie, Ross McNab, Nick Mackison, Duncan Murchison and Carolyn Vass.
In absentia: James Gladstone, David Mitchell and Isaac Speirs.

Present to receive Master of Theology: Nigel Anderson, Iain Gibb and Cameron Shaffer.
In absentia - Dan Peters and Paul Yeulett

Graduation 2018

The graduation ceremony was held in the Bute Hall at the main university campus in Glasgow which served as a beautiful setting for such a special occasion. The graduation marks the end of many years study for these students and the ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to share in one another’s achievements. Our graduates are able to look back over many months of hard work, where much has been learned and where great friendships have been made.

The graduation ceremony in Glasgow is also a very important reminder of valued relationship that exists between ETS and the University of Glasgow, who validate degrees from ETS. It was a privilege to have Professor John R. McIntosh among the academic staff on the platform. As a seminary we are very grateful for all the support that the University of Glasgow has given to us and our students were warmly welcomed as they attended the ceremony in Glasgow.

Vice Principal John Angus Macleod spoke of his delight at seeing the students reach this milestone, “It is such an enouragement to see students who have taken the time to study the life-changing truths of reformed theology being awarded degrees for their hard work, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We will miss these outgoing students but pray God's blessing on them as they enter into this next stage of their lives, looking to God whom they wish to serve in the work of the gospel in a 21st century world.