MyETS Graduation


Students who successfully complete the programme will receive their degree at a Graduation Service at the University of Glasgow, along with other graduands from the University's Faculty of Arts. Although the University now permits students to graduate in absentia, it will greatly help our relationship with the University if all Edinburgh Theological Seminary students graduate in person.

The Graduation Service normally takes place in the first week of July.

It is the responsibility of all students expecting to qualify for the award of a degree and who wish to graduate either in person or in absentia to enrol during the designated enrolment period for the diet of ceremonies they wish to attend. This applies to all students, including postgraduate taught and research students. It is important that students are made aware of the need to enrol for graduation and understand that students are not automatically enrolled to graduate when they qualify for an award.

Students should not wait until they receive their results or, in the case of postgraduates, their award letter before they enrol, but should do so during the designated enrolment periods.

In order to enrol for graduation students must contact Glasgow University before May 16, 2014. The Seminary Secretary  will provide advice on how best to do this.

Robe Hire

Robes may be hired from Ede and Ravencroft Ltd and the necessary information is available on this link    This company also organise the photo sessions and advance bookings can be made.

Dress Code

Male graduands are expected to wear a dark suit, with a white shirt and black tie; black shoes.  Highland dress is recognised (kilt, with dark jacket and plain hose).